All your answers will be questioned. У меня нет сил убивать всех, кто меня злит
Ползая по youtube наткнулась на такое видео, наслышана была об этой американской танцовщице, выступающей в Мариинке, поэтому посмотрела с большим интересом. Ну, ужасно, конечно, и это видно даже невооруженным глазом, но комментарии меня просто убили.

TheHerothief 4 нед. назад

can someone tell me what's SUPPOSED to be wrong with her? lol people seem to hate her, based on comments from other videos where she's compared to russian girls, but now, seeing her dance, i don't get it at all

Bill Colset 1 нед. назад

I will tell you whats wrong. The jealous Russians hate that she, an American, gets the lead roles in Russian ballets. They think that their "perfect russian dancers",as the person below me says, deserve the role just because they are russian. Keenan outperforms them by a country mile. So they give her the part and the jealous russians look for any way to bring her down. I would expect nothing more from Russia. Many good people there but for the most part they are an American hating country.

Kelly Wellock 1 нед. назад

Keenan Kampa is an incredible dancer. No one else like her. The God damned russians give her so much bullshit for being better than their "perfect russian dancers". She just ignores them and keeps going. She is truly an inspiration for me.

Вот теперь мне интересно, а чем они это смотрели, ведь явно не глазами.:hmm:

@темы: этот образ теперь в уголке ужасов моей памяти, неглубокие могилы для неглубоких людей, да, ладно, балет, Кинен Кампа